Monday, July 24, 2006

Dried fish and other strange HK things!

Yesterday (Sunday) I went on a tour / game organised by the exchange office at PolyU. We were put into teams with other exchange students at PolyU from around the world, and had various places to visit and tasks to do all over the city.

Some involved eating Hong Kong delicacies... baked egg tart (much like an egg custard tart without the nutmeg), sweet buns with melted butter, and fish balls! All yummy...

We also had to be shown to a dried fish shop (seriously, there are dried fish everywhere!) and told by the Chinese and local students what some of the things were and how they were used. I've got some very strange photos...

Another task was to go to a park, and walk on a path (bare-foot only!) with lots of stones sticking up vertically. Think rounded pebbles sticking up, not sharp stones. It was still sore after a while though...

It was all very random, very sweaty (a very very hot day...) and great fun. Made some new friends and got some very random photos!

Combine that (a day of running around Hong Kong in the heat) with the previous day, spent on a gorgeous beach (with an hour long trek either way) - it was a tiring weekend.

The beach was on Lamma Island - the third biggest island in Hong Kong. Very green, very hot, warm water to swim in, lifeguards on the beach and shark nets, and extremely hot sun! However, walking to and from the beach, we had to walk along a path with lots of overhead enormous spiders. Bear in mind - the locals are shorter than me, so it was a case of duck-and-run!
Terrifying, but worth it for the beach.

Better go to bed now... another busy day tomorrow...
Some photos will come later when I've downloaded them!


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