Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm in Hong Kong now and have been for almost a week. It's very humid (think soggy t-shirts every time you go outside) and really really big. The food's a bit of a trial, but we think we've sussed where to eat every night now that's cheap and has some safeish options.

The hospitals are good - I'm at the Prince of Wales for 4 weeks, which is where SARS originated. As a result they're all very up on their infection control. We wear face masks all the time when we're near patients, and scrubs all the time. The staff are very friendly, and really eager to talk about life in HK, and England.

I've only managed to do a small amount of shopping so far, and clothes shopping is a bit of a problem. Yes, all the natives here are small. Most of the guys are shorter or the same height as me. Their XL sizes don't even fit in some cases, but rest assured, I've found my niche already. For once, it's shoes!! :-) Some of the shoe shops have rather feminine styled mens shoes, up to my size, which is great.

Haven't really done much yet tourist wise. Just trying to settle in! We went on a tour of the harbour last sunday, and I want to go over to Hong Kong island just to have a look around this weekend - weather permitting!! We've also managed Temple Street Night Market, and Ladies market in Mongkok.

Some pictures at a later date, when I've taken some good ones, and downloaded all my software onto these computers!

Oh, and we've got a lovely view - between blocks of flats and a flyover, of Victoria Harbour and some of Hong Kong island. Quite inspiring!!!


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