Friday, August 11, 2006

Beautiful things

It could not be denied this morning that not one of the four of us looked at all beautiful!

It's my 23rd birthday today, and we headed out to Lan Kwai Fong last night, since Thursday night is Ladies night (free drinks all night...). Needless to say it all got a bit hazy and slightly messy. We all looked particularly stunning this morning, and have had a relaxing day!

My beautiful thing is being mentioned on Three Beautiful Things, by Rosey's sister Clare! I love her blog, there's always something new, and it never fails to make me smile! Take a peek... (Haven't mastered the old link thing yet...)

Just to update you on my adventures in HK this week... we went to Ocean Park (the theme park in HK) on Wednesday, thanks to PolyU for arranging it, and Brian Kot for showing us the ultrasounding of the dolphins and suggesting the best way to see lots of the park! We saw the female dolphins being scanned, and were very close to them - cheeky dolphins splashed us a good few times!! After lunch, we then headed to the rides side of the park and to see the stunning aquariums. Truly amazing place, should you ever visit HK!

And that's about it really... for this week. Lots of time spent on the buses commuting to and from Tuen Mun, and a busy day on mobile x-rays on Thursday... I won't go on ;-)

Off to Macau tomorrow, and then doing bits and bobs on Sunday, including hopefully off to see some Cantonese Opera which should be brill!


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Happy Birthday Missus


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