Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's nearly over...

Ok, so I haven't quite updated you on the complete going's-on's of last weekend. I'm afraid packing calls at the mo though, and it'll have to wait until I return for me to complete what I've been up to.

We've just been out for our last evening meal together. Very nice! And... there's a typhoon warning again. Am I worried about getting home? Slightly - ok, a lot! Now I know I'm heading back, all I want is to be at home, sit on a nice sofa, sleep in my own bed and have a bath!

Back to the baggage - there's a lot of it! I need to sort it all out before tomorrow as I have to go and get my caution money back (am I really that much of a liability?), and we need to check out of our rooms before a final dim sum lunch (or yum cha as it's called when you have it in the morning!!)

Looking forward to seeing everyone, and I'll catch up soon I'm sure! Not looking forward to the mammoth 2-flight mission, but it means I'll get home so I don't mind really :-)

See you soon!!! :-) xxx


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