Sunday, August 20, 2006

Less than a week left...!

Well, my time in HK is nearly done. I can't believe it, and there's still soooo much to see. I'd quite happily spend a year living in this city. Such a mix of cultures, and a vibrant place to live. It's been a pleasure!! :-)

Today's my last free day. I'm off to the beach in a min (sat in a coffee shop having breakfast at the mo...) to have a paddle then to the British Council to speak to students leaving HK to study in the UK. Yesterday involved a lot of wandering about (I've got sore legs and feet) and Friday was likewise, but in the New Territories rather than HK island. I've got loads more to tell... and I will, I promise. But the timer's about to run out of my 15 mins allowance. Must drink my tea and get going otherwise I'll never get everything done!

Just one final note... not quite sure how everything's going to fit in my suitcase on the way back. I started packing last night, and tight doesn't even begin to go there. Errrkkk! Travelling light never was my strong point I spose. Oops.


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