Thursday, August 03, 2006

Over half way now...

I can't believe I've been here for nearly 4 weeks, it's flown by! Having said that, it's just as well I'm home soon-ish. I don't think the cash would last much longer, erk!

It's much quieter around the halls now most of the friends I made with Summer School students have left. Work's been good this week - my last week at the Prince of Wales Hospital. I'm going back tomorrow for lunch as the manager is taking me and Tara out for a dim sum lunch.
Should be good, if I can make the chopsticks work tomorrow! Like some people have good days and bad days... I have good meals and bad meals. Lunch today - was good. Dinner this evening - not good! It might have something to do with rice being easy to eat with chopsticks, and noodles in soup being difficult... Could have something to do with me being up late last night, dancing on the bar in Carnegies in Wan Chai (it's great if you're ever in HK).

Nights out in HK can be expensive... on Wednesday and Thursday nights tho it's Ladies night. This means most bars do free drinks for ladies (and not the David Walliams type of ladies...) Last night was Sam's last night so we went to Wan Chai - where Carnegies is. Anna told me its a must-go place, and it was just like being back in the UK. Cocktail bar, with loads of westerners (and just a handful of filipinos for a change...) free Champagne which tasted more like Cava for the ladies, and dancing on the bar!!!! It was amazing. Great atmosphere, soooo good!

I'm on my weekend now. Loads to do, but it's pouring with rain and blowing a gale! There's a typhoon warning at the moment - level 3. At level 8, you don't go to work, but I don't want it to get above 3 really. Already today, my skirt got blown up in the wind - aaarghhhh! And, Tara and I were walking from the hospital back to the station when a tree in front of us was blown over. It's very windy!!! (And wet...) Might be a museum weekend... or more shopping :-D

We're off to Ocean Park next week with the uni, to see the dolphins be ultrasound-ed, and then to go round the park. It's the theme park to visit in HK, and I've never seen dolphins up close. Will be very cool! :-D Off to bed now... still sleepy after last night and a long day at work...!! :-)


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