Monday, August 21, 2006

Shall I fill you in??

Ok, so the title sounds more interesting than the content will be. See, you won't be disappointed now! It's not ground-breaking news - just an update on what I've been up to for the last week or so.

I think I left off after the rather hazy night (and following day) of my birthday. A great relaxing day as it would emerge. The rest of the weekend was a bit crazy. On Saturday, fully rested, we headed for Macau. Macau is an ex-Portuguese colony, now also an SAR, but also a World Heritage Site (please correct me if I'm wrong). I wandered about looking at all the cultural bits, eating Portuguese food and drinking wine. I also walked around the edge of a tower 233m up! Yep - I've got the photo to prove it :-) The others headed for a black sand beach, and munched lots of lovely food too.

I didn't get home til gone mid-night and was up the following morning at silly-o'clock to go and watch Pink Dolphins (otherwise known as Chinese White Dolphins). A great experience, lots of english people to chat too, and I managed to burn the tops of my legs (lying out on the top deck of the launch - very refined!!) I got back to Kowloon early afternoon, and went to look around the Art Museum and then to the halls to collapse before heading out to see some Cantonese Opera. I think I was the only person there under 35 (I find judging ages here difficult) and definately the only caucasian! Back home late and off to bed. Another sleepy Monday morning!

It's getting to the point where I need my notes to remember what I did on given nights during the week. It's all blending into one exploring extravaganza! I'm doing a lot more walking, and loving seeing the bits of Hong Kong which aren't just crammed full of westerners. Don't get me wrong, it's lovely to see other westerners, but sometimes I do want to see some of the other Hong Kong beyond the tourist hype.
Ooohh, I do remember doing a climbing course on Monday night though! Great fun, got chatting to some local teenagers which was nice, and have learnt my climbing basics now (very basic!) Can't wait to try it again at home :-) Tuesday night was a tram-ride on HK island from Central to nearly as far as North Point. Very pretty, and I wish I'd done it earlier as it made me realise how much else there is to see on HK island! Best bit - it only cost $2 each way. That's less than 20p! Wednesday night was one of wandering about in Hung Hom (pronounced Hong Hum just for mega confusion). I got some cheap "DVDs" which are actually VCD's (Asia's answer to VHS). Hope they work on the computer and DVD player at home :-S They were cheap thoughh!

On Thursday night I wandered off in search of food (Taiwanese in the end, and very yummy too!), then clothes (you didn't hear that mum...) and then to Temple Street Night Market to get some final bits and pieces and have a relaxed walk-about!

Friday was a day in the other part of Kowloon and the eastern New Territories. I went via PolyU to Lok Fu in search of a model HK apartment, but my guidebook is a little out of date, and this exhibition thingy has closed. Boooo!!! I hopped on the MTR again, to see a nunnery. Amazing place. Very serene, especially considering the traffic noise outside the walls, and lovely! Some great photos of the gardens, and brilliant memories from inside! After this, I got on a bus to the beach!!! :-) I went to Clearwater Bay (does what it says on the tin, strangely enough), which was really nice. Packed but nice. I lay in the sun, and the shade (it was mid-late afternoon by now) and read my book and slept. Soooo nice. No swimming though as I couldn't leave my bag which was a shame! I got back quite late, and at the moment (it's late again...) I can't quite remember what I did in the evening. There wasn't any alcohol involved though, that's for sure!!

Saturday and Sunday were two more busy days, but I really will have to write more about those some other time. It's gone midnight and I have to be up early for work again tomorrow morning!! Zzzzzz


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